About us...

Spawned from the musical minds of some of the Hudson Valley's most well known and most successful party bands, THE HYPE promises to deliver a night of fun, sing along tunes, coupled with the precision and delivery of the seasoned musicians within it. THE HYPE is a 4-piece band covering songs spanning over 40 years!  Engaging, energizing, and enthusiastic can be used to describe a HYPE performance.  Focusing on nightclub/bar performances, weddings/parties/private functions, and corporate events/fundraisers, THE HYPE is small enough to fit any size venue, yet has the production capacity (and energy) to fill the largest stages and entertain the biggest crowds.  THE HYPE has the ability to travel with 100% full production containing a full range PA system, full production lighting system, two television monitors with camera on the crowd, as well as DJ capabilities between sets while the band is on break.   

It's time to get back to the roots of what good music is as well as what a good live band performance should be! When you're ready to provide the guests of your venue, wedding, or party with an experience they'll remember for a long time, book THE HYPE today! 

Band Members

Title Description
Mike Mack Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar... View Profile
Paul DalCero Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar... View Profile
Kory Gancarz Lead Vocals, Irish Step Dancer... View Profile