The Hype is quickly becoming one of the Tri-State area’s most sought after wedding and corporate event bands.  With over 25 years combined experience in crafting and engineering the perfect day for the bride and groom, The Hype knows the professionalism AND personal, intimate touch that each wedding or corporate event demands.  

Specifically talking about weddings, the million dollar question (and many times, the “FIRST fight”) is: Do we get a DJ or do we go with a band?  When you hire The Hype, you don’t have to choose!  Our wedding package is crafted to provide the newlyweds with both a band and a DJ experience! Our wedding package includes: Full band able to perform ANY genre and keep the dance floor packed as well as learn ANY song’s that you absolutely NEED at your wedding, DJ/MC for all your announcements and newest dance hits, full professional sound system w/sound engineer to assure the perfect mix guaranteeing your dinner hour is as perfect as the last “party” hour of your wedding, and a FULL light show complete with two HUGE television monitors with a camera on the crowd projecting them on the BIG screens!  The Hype will tailor make your itinerary with you well in advance (with ALL of your input) balancing how much Band vs. DJ you want your day to be.  We also provide a few add ons to make your special day even more amazing.  Some of these additions include: Ceremony music (either recorded or live performers -acoustic classical guitar, piano, sting trio, etc…), cocktail hour music-(either recorded or live performers -acoustic classical guitar, piano, sting trio, etc…), or any other things that are special to you!  

Call or email us TODAY and schedule a consultation with us, and let us explain how we WILL make the difference between a good wedding and a GREAT wedding!


"We can't say enough awesome adjectives to describe the Hype.  Heard them do their thing at a nearby bar/restaurant and knew they were the band to play at our wedding!  They had the kids and the kids at heart up and having a blast all evening.  Their talents are amazing, their versatility  incredible.  From acoustic guitar during the ceremony to a band & DJ combo for the reception, they brought a great energy to their performance.  Not many guys can do that so well, especially while being a really nice humble group who truly cared about making our day special.  High marks and infinite stars are highly recommended by the Dickson family.   We think they're worth "the Hype"."

  -Les and Veronica Dickson

"We cannot thank Mike and his team ( The Hype) enough for the amazing party they threw for our wedding! From the very first meeting they made us feel super confident that we had made the right choice for booking them for our wedding. What we appreciated the most was how open they are to learning songs that mean something to you. We had chose " Love of Lifetime" by Firehouse as our first dance song and they nailed it. Throughout the whole reception all of our guests were up and dancing and having a great time. The bands enthusiasm and musical knowledge was greatly appreciated. Mike and his team really exceeded our expectations and played a huge part of having the wedding of our dreams. We love them! Thank you guys so much."

  -Lee and Brittany Pena

"The Hype made our wedding AMAZING!  The first time we heard The Hype play we instantly knew we needed them at our wedding!  Mike was incredible during our ceremony and the band stole the show during our reception.  We could not have asked for anything more, every one of our guest talked for weeks after the wedding about what an amazing time they had with the band! We had to be dragged to the table to eat dinner because we didnt't want to leave the dance floor! Another awesome feature of the Hype is the DJ!  We always knew we wanted a band for our wedding, but it was an added bonus to also have a DJ.  Mike was so helpful with meeting us leading up to the wedding, making sure everything was in order and picture perfect for our big day.  We reccomend the Hype a million time over! "

-Lauren and Connor Dennis

We promise!  We clean up nicely! 

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